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The BusyMed app connects you directly to neighbouring pharmacies, giving you access to online consultants, products and medication purchases with fast home delivery

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Why choose us?

Know the benefits

Don't waste any more time standing in queues. Download the app and get medication delivered to your door.


Easy to use

It's as easy as downloading the app, placing your order and waiting for your delivery.


Save time

Skip the queue's and collect your order directly from the pharmacy or have it delivered to your door.


Save money

Compare prices and get the best deals from your neighbouring pharmacies.

What we offer

BusyMed features


Locate pharmacies near you

Check location, trading times and contact information of pharmacies near you.


Consult securely

Chat with registered pharmacists via instant messenger to receive product/medication recommendations


Compare prices

Find the price that suits you best by comparing multiple pharmacies.


Pay your way

Complete your order by paying with medical aid, card or cash.


Order for delivery/collection

Have your medication delivered to you the same day or collect in store without standing in a long queue.

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How to use

The BusyMed app

Get your medication and other products delivered directly to your door after following these quick and easy steps.

Step One

Download the app from the Google Play store (Coming soon to IOS).

Step Two

Search for products, compare prices, choose the best prices and purchase.

Step Three

Receive your purchase in the comfort of your own home the same day.

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